Hempworx ranks #1 in sales.

HempWorx is the #1 selling CBD brand for a reason. We approach CBD with care, consciousness, and cutting-edge science every step of the way, leaving no room for error - or unnecessary ingredients.

Hempworx has Award-Winning Products

When we choose the ingredients that make up our award-winning products, we make sure that all of them – no matter how small – live up to our promise to truly make a difference in our customer's lives.

Hempworx Products are Tested

HempWorx was founded with one vision in mind: to offer CBD products that can be trusted to support wellbeing. We're passionate about providing our affiliates and customers with products of exceptional purity, potency, and consistency.

Find Your Moment of Balance With Natural Hemp

Support your whole self with the combined benefits of the entire hemp plant. CBD occurs naturally in hemp plants and offers many benefits and can be a great supplement for overall health and wellness.

Hempworx Products

Hempworx CBD Oil

Hempworx CBD Oil

HempWorx CBD Oil is trusted by health professionals and doctors worldwide. Premium, pure, and potent, Hempworx CBD Oils are as effective as they are clean. Made using a CO2 extraction process, each batch is thoroughly tested so you know what’s in every drop.

Hempworx CBD Coffee

Hempworx Coffee

HempWorx Coffee is made with Arabica beans, chaga mushroom, and each cup contains 5mg of CBD. It’s a bold roast that is perfect for early mornings and late nights. CBD coffee is an exciting innovation of CBD infused drinks. It’s a great way to start your day with Hempworx CBD Coffee.

Hempworx CBD Gummies

Hempworx Gummies

Hempworx Gummies is Broad Spectrum CBD in our CBD gummies offers all the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes, without the THC. Not only do Hempworx CBD Gummies taste awesome, they’re also a foolproof way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

BodyMelt Total Wellness Bundle

Body Melt Weight Loss System

Body Melt System is a plant based weight loss program is a natural, clean, healthy plan with no gluten, dairy or soy additives. Get the 30-Day Body Melt Diet Pack and start making serious lifelong improvements to your overall wellness today!

Hempworx CBD Pet Oil

Hempworx CBD Oil for Pets

HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets is veterinarian approved for use in dogs, cats, and horses. Likewise, HempWorx 250 CBD oil is trusted by health professionals and doctors worldwide. This bacon-flavored CBD oil contains 5 mg of CBD per serving, so pet parents can share the love.

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats are made with 2.5mg of CBD per serving and oven-baked to perfection, they’re filled with premium ingredients and do not contain wheat, corn, soy, added sugars, salt, artificial preservatives, glycerin, waxes, or hydrogenated oils. They are 100% natural, and veterinarian approved.