Mantra Synergy Beauty Roll-On


Product Benefits
  • Fights the visible signs of premature aging skin
  • Improves the appearance of skin tone and elasticity
  • Promotes a healthy, youthful looking complexion

Experience the harmonious fusion of body and mind with Mantra Synergy Blends Beauty. Unleash the power of this groundbreaking beauty elixir enriched with CBG and a meticulously curated selection of Essential Oils, expertly crafted to deliver astounding outcomes. This transformative blend actively combats the visible signs of aging, harnessing the unrivaled potency of Rose Essential Oil, renowned as the most coveted and precious essential oil. Enhanced with Frankincense Essential Oil, which revitalizes and enhances skin tone and elasticity, and Helichrysum Essential Oil, known for promoting a vibrant and youthful complexion, this potent combination delivers extraordinary benefits. Unveil the radiant beauty within as you unlock the synergy between your body and mind.


Introducing the Beauty Roll-On by Mantra Synergy Blend – Discover the perfect balance between your body and mind. Experience the transformative power of Mantra Synergy Blends Beauty, a revolutionary beauty elixir infused with CBG and carefully selected Essential Oils for remarkable results. This extraordinary blend features the exquisite and highly coveted Rose essential oil, renowned for its ability to combat signs of aging. Combined with Frankincense essential oil, known for its toning and elasticity-enhancing properties, and Helichrysum essential oil, which promotes a youthful complexion, this potent combination offers unparalleled benefits. Harness the power of hemp and CBG beauty products to minimize the appearance of aging skin. Rediscover your radiant and youthful glow with this potent blend of essential oils. Allergen Info: Non-GMO and Cruelty-Free.


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